Since 2 decades Vamshi Exports is a leading Natural Stone Manufacture,Supplier,Distributor of Granites, Quartz, Marble, Quartzite, Limestone, Onyx, Travertine, Slate stone, Sandstone & Monuments in form of Slabs,Tiles Cut to size for residential and commercial projects, Hospitality projects,Hotel,Motel Industry & directly shipped and delivered to the Projects Around the Globe from Asia Sub Continet, India. VamshiVamshi Exports provides advice Product selection.


We guarantee the highest quality standards of materials for your home or commercial project.


Shipping times will vary depending on the locations around the Globe.We use Shipping lines, ie MARSEK, YML, HANJIN, P&O, K-LINE other as Buyers interest.

What Surfaces Finishes Available

 Natural Cleft
 Split Face (or Rock Face)

Contact us : sales@granitess.com

Edge Finishes

 Stright Cut
 Bevel Edge
 Full Bullnose
 Hand Finish
Other finishes as buyers contact us specific finish

Payment Terms

Letter Of Credit ,PAY PAL or Wire Transfers. Orders must be paid for in full prior to shipping.

Product Quality Standards & Dlivery

Packed in seaworthy wooden crates with name of products cr.no no pcs/final distination/all precations will be taken while packing, we willse thermcole,polythne& small wooden pieces in between the products. marine insurance will be arranged there is 2% you to have add demage depends on loading &un-loading the container.

Damage Of Goods

Please contact marine insurance with insurance policy provided by the shipper and also share the info of the goods ie photos and videos if it is small damage we can mutually agree next shipments adjustment.

Exclusive Orders

Custom orders will delivered to the project sites, direct from the factory contact more info
email : sales @vamshiexports